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Node Deployments

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Node.js is a popular cross-platform, JavaScript runtime for creating web apps. Octopus Deploy supports Node deployments so you can deploy Express, Meteor, and other Node.js server applications to on-premises servers, Azure websites, Azure and AWS EC2 virtual machines.

With Octopus Deploy and Node you can:

  • Package your Node applications and any dependencies they need to run.
  • Deploy the same code into Testing and Production and take advantage of Octopus's configuration features to provide environment specific variables and settings.
  • Register your app with process managers like StrongLoop, PM2, Forever, and SystemD to start, stop, or monitor your Node application.
  • Deploy your applications to Windows and Linux deployment targets.
  • Create custom deployment scripts with Bash, PowerShell, and Python.

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The following topics are explained further in this section:

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