Advanced deployment patterns with Octopus

Advanced deployment patterns

Octopus is built for real-world deployments, with support for patterns that minimize application downtime.

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Rolling deployments

When deploying to many machines, Octopus can perform a rolling deployment, deploying to one machine, then another, and another, waiting each time for the deployment to succeed. You can even modify the window size - deploying to 3 machines in parallel for example.

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Rolling and blue green deployments made easy

Elastic environments

Have Octopus automatically deploy the application to new machines that are provisioned as part of a cloud auto-scale.

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Deploy to elastic environments

Blue/green deployments

For load balanced applications, deploy to a subset of inactive servers, then swap them for the active servers.

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If you are concerned about load balancing, try blue green deployments with Octopus Deploy

Environment provisioning

If you're deploying to the cloud, you can provision the environment as part of the deployment, giving you fully immutable infrastructure and ensuring your deployments are repeatable.

Easily provision new environments with Octopus Deploy

Recurring Scheduled Deployments

Ensure the latest version of your project is in the hands of QA testers every morning. Set the deployment time, timezone and even factor in daylight saving considerations.

If you are concerned about load balancing, try blue green deployments with Octopus Deploy

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