July 14, 2017

Introducing Alex Rolley

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Hi, I'm Alex and I have just joined the Octopus #teamawesome, aka the Octopus Support Team.

I've been professionally supporting people in IT for almost 16 years [oh hey Windows XP], starting as a lowly support person for a small IT retailer and working my way up to be a support team lead at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology.

During that span of time I have first hand seen the affects of bad releases and release processes and I am very invested in supporting you so that it never happens again!

When I'm not providing you with quality support I can generally be found providing friends with their own IT support (and experimenting with VLAN routing) with coffee in hand. At night I will be found watching anything on four wheels that races. My loving wife and 3 small girls put up with my flights of motorsport fancy and support me in my general nerdery/coffee addiction.