June 27, 2017

Introducing Cam MacFarland

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Hi! My name is Cam, and I joined Octopus Deploy as a Software Engineer in June 2017.

In my previous jobs I have mostly been focused on user front ends, and making things easier for users. Lately this has translated to helping fellow developers with good tooling. After all, we are also users.

As a former WPF developer I have followed Paul for a long time now. When he first announced Octopus Deploy I was excited, as it meant no longer manually logging into machines to run an update, a task I never looked forward to. Since then I've advocated Octopus Deploy to everyone around me, and have helped them remove the pain of manual deployments.

In my spare time I love tinkering with things. Whether it's playing with the latest tools from Microsoft, to building (and rebuilding) Raspberry Pi clusters, to using Docker containers, I love playing around with technology. The current plan is to try and use Octopus Deploy to make managing my Raspberry Pi clusters easier.

My username is distantcam on all the main social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, GitHub), and my personal blog is at http://cam.macfar.land/.