Introducing Dalmiro Grañas

Published on: 6 May 2015 by: Dalmiro Grañas
Dalmiro Grañas

My name is Dalmiro Grañas and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I joined Octopus last October as a support engineer. If you've asked for an API Script on our support forums anytime since then, odds are that I was the one who wrote it.

Prior to Octopus, I was the guy that was supposed to do manual deployments for the company's most critical app (Time and Expenses management). On the second week at that job I realized that wasn't my thing, so i learned PowerShell to automate the entire process. Later on at that company the internal DevOps team recruited me and I was given the task to implement Octopus Deploy at the company while teaching 200+ teams how to use it. Most of these team's deployment strategy involved handling over spreadsheets with manual instructions to the company's sysadmins, so you can guess how hard that battle was.

Even though my main background is on Windows Server Administration (and automation around it), as years went by I've leaned more and more towards development (.NET) while helping other developers to use the right tools for the job. Hopefully here at Octopus I'll be able to help many devs get the most out of our tool so they never have to suffer awful deployments like I did!

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