March 26, 2015

Introducing Damian Brady

Damian Brady

My name is Damian Brady (Damo to avoid mixups with DamianM), and I joined Octopus Deploy very recently at the end of February 2015 as a Solution Architect. Prior to Octopus, I worked as a developer, business analyst, and trainer in a range of companies. Most recently, I spent 4 years being exposed to many varied teams and industries as a consultant at SSW. I cut a lot of code, but I also spent a lot of time introducing teams to better ways to work.

I became aware of Octopus less than a year ago, and it’s fair to say I was hooked straight away. It became a go-to tool for any development team I was involved with. I introduced it to clients, wrote internal tools that used its API, and spoke about it, repeatedly, at conferences. Joining the team at Octopus was a natural (albeit challenging) step.

I’m here primarily to help the development community get the most out of Octopus and improve their DevOps process. I’ve always loved pushing people to take that next step to get better software out faster, and this is a great opportunity to do that.

I’m also a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP, so I’ll be spending a bit of time making sure there’s the best possible ALM story for Octopus and Microsoft devs.