July 11, 2017

Introducing Eddy Ma

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Hi! My name is Eddy, and I joined Octopus Deploy as a Developer in July 2017.

In my previous jobs, I have been mainly working on the .NET platform. The first system that I worked on was a finance system with an ASP.NET website as the frontend and Windows Service running as the backend. One year later, my manager asked me to look after the deployments and pointed me to a Wiki with 3 pages of instructions and I needed to tick each one of them as I went. I felt happy as I took an important role but it was also stressful as the systems were dealing with money and it could not afford to go wrong. I guess this is not only my problem.

Luckily, I did not make any mistakes because I chose the conservative way; e.g. only changing the settings in the web/app.config if they were necessary, backing-up the config files with timestamp in the same directory and only deploy if I had to.

I started using Octopus Deploy a couple of years ago and I was extremely impressed. It solved all the deployment problems most developers have, it makes deployment processes not that scary, hence we can deploy more often and gain feedback earlier.

I am excited as a member of Octopus Deploy as it means working with great people on an awesome product and solving other people's deployment problems.

In my spare time, I love learning new technologies, doing open source projects, fishing and Go Karting.

You can find me (Twitter, GitHub), and my personal page here.