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Hello there, I'm Jason and I have just joined Octopus Deploy as a Cloud Architect.

Immediately before coming to Octopus I was at Domain Group, building highly-available, highly-deployable infrastructure on the AWS public cloud. Prior to that I worked at companies such as Microsoft, Dimension Data and Fujitsu, in roles as diverse as Web Developer, Support Engineer and SharePoint Architect.

In my spare time I drink pina coladas, go for long walks on the beach and rant about tightening feedback loops in software delivery teams. Oh, and I ride bikes, both on and off-road.

What most excites me about arriving at Octopus is the planned launch of Octopus as a service, which will make high-quality deployment automation even more accessible.

Octopus Deploy is used by thousands of developers across the globe, from small companies to large enterprises. Find out if it meets your deployment automation needs by taking advantage of our free 30-day trial. You can spin up an instance with just a few clicks!