Introducing Jim Burger

June 12, 2018
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Hi! Jim here, signing into team Octopus.

Over the years I've introduced Octopus Deploy to several businesses. The result is always happier teams on release day and shared ownership over deployments. It is a wonderful thing to see teams liberate themselves from the tyranny of WDD (Word Document Deployments). I am really excited to contribute to a product that I have been enjoying for several years now!

I started out as a junior programmer in the late nineties, had some time off to learn the automotive trade and then rejoined the software game in the .NET 1.1 days. I've been involved in software ever since. More recently I've been leading a team to build payment systems and along that journey I discovered that I get into the security & compliance related aspects of development & testing.

When I'm not automating all the things, I like to hang out with my wonderful family, learn about reverse engineering and security, play guitar, and make a mess in my kitchen.

Happy Deployments!

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