May 13, 2019

Introducing Justin Walsh

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I'm Justin, and I have recently joined Octopus as a Senior Support Engineer.

I have been a systems administrator and support engineer for many years now, starting in the educational sector as a Systems Administrator for Bond University, from there, I moved on to help found and develop a fledgling ISP and hosting company, and most recently moving to the USA to serve as CTO for an indie video gaming studio based out of California.

Throughout that time, I've always derived the greatest enjoyment from helping users successfully use the products under my purview, and hearing feedback about how their lives are positively impacted because of them! I look forward to continuing this for Octopus and its users moving forward!

When not working in front of my computer, I enjoy working on my farm with my family, where we grow hay and straw for local farmers, as well as manage a small menagerie of assorted livestock.