Kenny Bates Kenny Bates September 1, 2016

Introducing Kenneth Bates

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Hello everyone, my name is Kenny, and I'm very excited to be part of the team!

I love the web. My education and work history both revolve around web development and hosting. Primarily my history is around PHP, and I have done lots of website fixing. As a kid, I loved building with Legos and custom maps in StarCraft, and I love building websites and games as an adult. The feeling of grasping a new concept or creating something is unbeatable.

Playing old video games and making pixel art and chiptune music are other ways I like to spend my free time. I love cooking and baking and my Super Nintendo collection. I love the outdoors. I grew up hiking and camping in the desert mountains of the USA, and it's a great new experience to spend a lot of time in the rainforests of Australia. To see and hear the birds here is a wonderful thing.

I'm excited to be part of the Octopus support team as I love troubleshooting and helping people to use technology successfully.