Mark Ledwich Mark Ledwich March 12, 2019

Introducing Mark Ledwich

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Hey there! I'm excited to join Octopus as a Solution Architect.

Most of my experience is .NET development and UX/UI design for data integration and visualisation. I'm interested in understanding decision making within complexity, and human behaviour when interacting with data. My influences in this area are Daniel Kahneman, Gerd Gigerenzer, and Nassim Taleb. I believe that information — when presented promptly, beautifully and practically — can be extremely influential (usually for the better).

I live in the lovely city of Brisbane, and in my downtime I enjoy running and hiking. I'm an insatiable reader and podcast listener — particularity when about tech, science, economics, or philosophy.

As a user of Octopus Deploy in previous projects, I have been impressed by the product design and their transparency. I'm quite proud to join the team here.