Mark Siedle

Hi. My name’s Mark. I’m not sure what happened to me as a child, but like the rest of these awesome crazy people, I love programming and all things development.

I left the .NET world of 7 years in 2010 after being offered the chance to work in a specialised iOS team. I learned to love and embrace design patterns and see the beauty in architecture that would enable teams to work efficiently, solving some interesting problems with asynchronous command patterns and concurrency. I happily studied the lives of both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and quickly learned that design matters; a concept that extends from user interfaces all the way to backend code. Over time, I drifted further from C# into Objective-C, Swift and all things Apple.

About a year ago, Octopus Deploy fuelled my interest back into web. I saw parallels between their front-end code and the patterns I’d been exposed to in iOS. I then started reading some of Octopus’ blog posts and documentation and realised there was a much deeper and more interesting world of .NET that I had yet to explore. So here I am with a chance to learn and contribute. I look forward to the road ahead :)

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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