Introducing Michael Compton

September 25, 2017
Profile Pic

Hi, I'm the newest (and third) Michael to join Octopus.

I've done a pretty diverse range of things. I've spent time as a developer for 3D virtual reality software as well as writing code for research at CSIRO. I squeezed in a Ph.D. in at one point, and I've taught budding young programmers. Most recently I've been working at a graph database start-up.

Now, I'm keen to find out how much .NET and C# I can squeeze into my head and deploy back out again.

When not at the keyboard, I'm likely to be found outside. I like running, sports that involve running and also running around - walking is a bit like slow running, so it's alright too. My kids ensure that I get lots of running, and my sheep and chickens also encourage me out often enough.

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