Michael Noonan Michael Noonan March 14, 2016

Introducing Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan

Hi! My name is Mike, and I should have written this blog post in June 2015, like my friend Rob Pearson! If I'd written the post back then, I would have told you about how I'd been working in software since 2000, from military and avionics, financial services, primary produce, gaming and (almost) everything in between. I'm an avid musician and music producer, medium-distance runner, and love cooking great food, often sourcing produce from our family garden.

Most recently I'd been consulting with Readify. For one client I wrote some scripts to automate deployments using batch files and Web Deploy no less! For another client I ported those scripts to PowerShell, and eventually I started orchestrating deployments with TeamCity. Over time I helped a lot of Australian software companies automate build and delivery pipelines, relinquishing my lovingly hand-crafted scripts and TeamCity orchestration for my new friend: Octopus Deploy!

One day I saw a tweet from Paul and couldn't stop thinking about it. After close to seven years with Readify I interviewed and joined Octopus in June 2015, right on the eve of shipping Octopus Deploy 3.0 - what a privilege - and that is when I was supposed to have written this post!

Now, three feature releases and nine months later I can actually tell you a little bit about what I think it's like to work at Octopus! Here's some of the things that have stood out to me:

  • We really do try to hire good people and get out of their way - we genuinely want people to do the best work of their lives here
  • All of the necessities are taken care of, and if they're not, we take care of them
  • We trust each other to make good decisions and take responsibility for them
  • Where and how you work is truly up to you - a common theme of pleasant conversation amongst our team
  • People are not afraid to speak their mind, ask "silly" questions, or propose new ideas (Octopus 3.3 is the result of this innovation culture)
  • We don't need arbitrary deadlines nor a death-march to ship good software and ship it often
  • Our support burden is not increasing disproportionately to our growth - I think is a true indicator of software quality
  • We really do listen to our customers and involve them in steering the direction of the product (more on this in another post)

I love working at Octopus. I really think you'd like it too!