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Hi! I’m Nick Josevski. I joined Octopus Deploy as a Solution Architect in the second week of February 2017.

Before joining Octopus Deploy I was working at Picnic – a software product company. Picnic was also all about building a capable and dependable product with a focus on helping the customer get their work done. Octopus Deploy has been a favourite system of mine since 2013 and was integral in getting so many releases out the door reliably.

Earlier in my career I was at Oakton a consultancy where I got lots of exposure to various tech, teams, approaches and sectors; government, finance, medical.

Thanks to Octopus Deploy I would let people know I was shipping on Friday as close to 5pm as possible because I had confidence in the process and in the roll back (if necessary).

I’m here and excited to work with an amazing team to make Octopus Deploy even better and get more people shipping their software reliably and easily.

You can find me blogging, or tweeting or linkedin-ing.

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