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Hi, I'm Rob, bringing the number of Robs to 3, or 19% of the company.

I've been kicking around the .NET world since the 1.0 days, only occasionally relapsing into VBA. I've worked for a range of companies from small development shops to large corporates. For the past 5 years I’ve been consulting, which has also exposed me to government, start-ups and more companies, large and small.

Somehow I’ve always been the one who ended up being responsible for tending to the servers (often snowflakes) and getting the software in front of users. After getting thoroughly singed with WebDeploy, I got introduced to an early version of Octopus Deploy. Having been hooked on it since, joining the Octopus team was almost a no-brainer, particularly after finding out that they are serious about work flexibility and autonomy.

I have a strong interest in product quality and team agility as well as making software development a happier place. A key part of which is making deployment boring, and I’m looking forward to being part of a company that makes that easier.

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