Roy Wallace Roy Wallace October 5, 2018

Introducing Roy Wallace

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Hi! I'm Roy and I've recently joined the Octopus team as a Solution Architect.

I started out in machine learning and speech/face recognition research, before moving into full stack .NET and Node.js development, and team leadership.

Over time, I've come to appreciate the importance of good dev tools, which provide a multiplying factor to productivity and, most importantly, help team members to maintain that most precious of all commodities: their sanity 😃

I'm passionate about building strong teams of happy people, where things run smoothly and customers' lives are genuinely improved through the work that we do. When I used Octopus for the first time back in the day, it left me with a grin I couldn't wipe off my face. To this day it continues to hold a special place in my little developer heart. It's been exciting to watch Octopus grow over the last few years.

To join Octopus itself at this stage is a privilege and I'm excited to work to bring its sanity-inducing magic to more customers than ever.

When I'm not at the keyboard, you'll probably find me outside on a bicycle, mountain, beach, or hanging out with my hilariously eccentric 3 year old son.

Happy Deployments!