Shane Gill Shane Gill March 16, 2015

Introducing Shane Gill

Shane Gill

My name is Shane Gill, I joined Octopus Deploy in October 2014 as a test engineer. My previous experience has been focused on helping small businesses ship software. I have worked in a range of industries, most recently creating Minecraft plugins.

I wanted to work at Octopus Deploy because I was inspired by the culture and values that ooze from everything Octopus. Organic growth, customer focus, transparency and work-life balance are cliches often used but rarely applied. Octopus delivers in all respects, the team embodies these values and the customer really is number one. The focus on being good to people is evident in the awesome product.

I was hired at Octopus to help reduce the number of releases per version. If you are a developer, you would be familiar with working your butt off, putting out a new version and then getting hammered by your users with a long list of bugs and faults that your development process did not pick up. Release after release of patches and fixes ensues (along with the stress of support and the feeling of letting your users down). My initial mission was to ease that pain with the Tentacle Army.

In addition to raising armies of tentacles I am the brewer of the infamous OctoAle. Tweet @tothegills for the secret recipe.