March 6, 2013

Introducing Steven Kuhn

Steven Kuhn

When Octopus Deploy was in early beta, one of the earliest adopters was Steven Kuhn, and he's provided a ton of valuable feedback since then. It's a bit late, but I'm pleased to announce that for the past couple of months he has also been working on the product part-time!

Steven brings over 10 years of .NET experience to Octopus, spending the last several years in Chicago with Trading Technologies developing ASP.NET/C# business applications. When he's not slinging C# he is writing integrations between systems like GitHub, TeamCity, Octopus and Campfire. Despite living in the land of Da Bears he still loves the Packers and Cheese.

Some of Steven's work is probably running on your Octopus installation already - he added some features that made it into the 1.3 release. Right now Steven is working on the exciting new scheduled deployments feature. Welcome Steven!