Tania Richardson Tania Richardson February 28, 2019

Introducing Tania Richardson

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Hi, I’m Tania - I started at Octopus in September 2018 as a UX/UI designer. I feel lucky to not only be in a company that is family-friendly but prides itself on building a product people love to use.

A little about me - I started my career designing/building websites way back in the day of Geocities. After studying design I worked in various industries including advertising, a search engine, and travel - learning to design the best online experiences. In my last role I redesigned a staff and parent facing app used in child care centres around Australia.

I love the process of understanding a person’s needs and motives when using a user interface - and then visually communicating something that gets them from A to B as quickly and easily as possible. At Octopus, I aim to do this on our website, in product or in print.

I’ve learned so much already about the Octopus community, the value Octopus has in the CI/CD pipeline, and I’m looking forward to helping make it an even better product.

Outside of work, this Kiwi is exploring the best Australia has to offer, and spending time with my gorgeous and energetic 5-year-old.

Happy Deployments!