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Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Continuous Deployment class from BBV in Switzerland

Two day training course on scripting with psake, Generating installers with WiX, and Octopus Deploy

Deploying to MongoDB with Octopus Deploy and Liquibase

Learn how to use Octopus Deploy to deploy to MongoDB using Liquibase.

Deploy a Helm chart with Octopus

Learn how to deploy a sample Helm chart to Kubernetes with Octopus

Change a runbook process to use execution containers

Learn how to change a runbook from running on a worker machine directly to using execution containers.

Octopus Deploy 2018 Roadmap

This post outlines our roadmap for 2018, and all of the improvements we're planning to make to Octopus over the next year.

DevOps uses a capability model, not a maturity model

As DevOps adoption increases, it becomes more likely the certification industrial complex will try to apply the wrong model.

Selenium series: capturing HAR files

In this post, we learn how to capture HAR files through BrowserStack.

Why use Octopus for Kubernetes deployments?

Understanding the value that Octopus brings to your Kubernetes deployments.

Using Infrastructure as Code with Operations Runbooks

This post discusses how to leverage Operations Runbooks with Infrastructure as Code

Pitfalls with SQL rollbacks and automated database deployments

While it is possible to do SQL rollbacks to revert database changes, the real question is, should you? This article will walk through some questions to consider.

Octopus Deploy Config as Code: early access preview

Octopus Deploy's Configuration as Code solution is now available as a preview release for all customers.

Selenium series: running tests against BrowserStack

In this post, we learn how to run tests against the BrowserStack service.

Selenium series: headless browsers

In this post, we learn how to run tests against headless browsers.


Azure account variables

Create an Azure account variable to use it in Azure deployment steps

Region specific workers

Use workers in specific regions

Azure environments

Information on how to use alternate Azure environments.

Create Azure Service Principal account command

New-OctopusAzureServicePrincipalAccount allows you to create an Azure Service Principal account in Octopus from within a running deployment

Find library variable set variables usage

An example script that loads variables from a library variable set and finds usages in project variables, and optionally deployment processes and runbooks.

Find variable usage

An example script that finds usages of a variable, searching in project variables, and optionally deployment processes and runbooks.

Tenant infrastructure

Add tenants to infrastructure as part of a multi-tenant region setup in Octopus Deploy.

Multi-tenant regions

A guide showing you how to use tenants to deploy an application to regions using different release rings in Octopus Deploy.

Deploying to a Release Ring

Deploy a release based on tenant tag.

Manage Tenants and Tag sets

Manage tenants and tag sets as part of a multi-tenant region setup in Octopus Deploy.

ASP.NET Core webapp

This guide covers everything you need to perform your first ASP.NET Core webapp deployment.


Octopus Deploy provides support for deploying Kubernetes resources.

Octopus Tentacle in a Container

An Octopus Tentacle instance can be run directly from within a container.

Creating releases from a build server plugin on a version-controlled project

Examples of how to ensure that the right branch is used to create the release when using a build server plugin.

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