Deploy X.509 certificates using Octopus Deploy

Deploy X.509 certificates

Octopus Deploy provides the ability to securely store and manage your X.509 certificates for use in any of your projects.

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Store your X.509 certificates in Octopus

Once you buy or issue an X.509 certificate, store it in Octopus. Octopus can manage all your certificates, keeps them encrypted, and allows you to use them from deployments.

Safely store your certificates

Certificate expiry notifications

Never let another certificate expire on your watch again. Easily see when certificates expire, and receive alerts when your certificates are due to expire within 20 days.

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Automated reminders and alerts are issued when your stored certificates are about to expire

Manage your HTTPS bindings

Octopus can automatically install and bind your certificates to your IIS websites as part of deploying your applications to IIS. Support for Java application servers coming soon.

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Automated binding of certificates to IIS as a deployment step

Windows Certificate Store

Use steps in Octopus to automatically install your X.509 certificates to the Windows certificate store, or (soon) Java keystores.

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Use steps in Octopus to automatically install certificates to the Windows Certificate store

Use certificates from scripts

Octopus can make certificate properties available for you to use within your custom deployment scripts. You can get certificate properties like the public key, private key, thumbprint or subject name and use them from within your script. PowerShell scripts can even get easy access to the X509Certificate2 object.

Use certificate properties in conjunction with custom deployment scripts to tap properties such as public key, thumbprint or subject name to use as part of your custom script.

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