Technical Pre-Sales (UK)

Join us at Octopus Deploy
Help our biggest UK customers successfully adopt and implement Octopus Deploy.

Octopus Deploy is the most popular deployment automation tool in the world, and large enterprises are standardising on Octopus as their company-wide deployment tool of choice. This presents many interesting architectual considerations, design challenges, and issues that we need you to help our customers navigate.

We're looking for a new team mate to join us from the United Kingdom. You will help large customers who have already adopted, or planning to adopt, Octopus Deploy. A typical day in the role might include:

  • A video call with a potential customer who's considering Octopus (and modernizing their software delivery stack more generally), and giving them a tailored demo of the product and how it might help them.
  • Putting together architectual diagrams or writing up advice on how a particular customer should implement Octopus for their entire organization
  • Following up with potential customers who need help building a proof-of-concept deployment pipeline with Octopus
  • Helping a customer's security team understand the best practices for using Octopus and what impacts Octopus might have for them
  • Representing Octopus at conferences around the UK/Europe and talking to Octopus users face-to-face

If you know Octopus, have a passion for seeing customers improve their CI/CD pipelines or adopt a DevOps approach more broadly, and are comfortable talking with small groups of people, this role is a chance to make a big difference.

A person in this role would ideally:

  • Have implemented Octopus before at some scale, and know the tool well
  • Have good knowledge of other CI/CD tools
  • Have some experience in a client-facing role - e.g., in consulting
  • Have a mix of technical skills, ideally with experience development, release management or operations
  • Be great at written and verbal communication
  • Be organised and good at managing their time/setting expectations
  • Be relatively experienced and understand the realities of life in a large enterprise

Other members of your team will be based in the US and Australia, so this will be a remote role - you'll spend most of your time working from home. When you start we'd like to bring you to Brisbane, Australia for a few weeks to meet the team and as part of the onboarding/training program. There will also occasionally be some travel to attend conferences/trade shows that Octopus is exhibiting at.

About Octopus Deploy

We make Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool. Since 2012, we've grown organically and have over 20,000 customers around the world including 25 of the Fortune 100. Our software is used by teams to deploy .NET and Java applications to hundreds and thousands of production servers in the cloud and on-premises. 

We are a small team that believe in building high-quality software. We ship new releases often, plan our milestones and major features in public, and take the time to do things right rather than rush. As an ISV, we know that our code is an asset to be invested in, not an expense to be minimised. If doing it right means it takes longer, so be it. 

While most of our team is based in Brisbane or other parts of Australia, everyone works from home most of the week, so we've built a remote-first culture. We have a flexible schedule and working arrangements, and our team works mostly from home or occasionally from an office in Brisbane. We have a well-defined career path for developers, and a standardised approach to compensation and coaching. We ensure you have the right tools with our choose your own hardware program. 

How to apply

We're looking for team members based in the United Kingdom. To apply, please email us at