These are the major features that we’re currently working on. Use the buttons below to get an email when we’re ready to ship.

Last updated October 2022

Dynamic environments

Modern cloud providers enable teams to scale their applications, services and supporting development infrastructure. We’re introducing support for environments on demand that will give you the power to spin up and tear down the infrastructure as needed. With dynamic environments, you can easily provision infrastructure to test new features branches, perform integration testing, reproduce bugs and more. This allows teams to get faster feedback, remove bottlenecks and cut costs.

Config as Code for Runbooks

Octopus is adding configuration as code support for runbook processes. This complements our existing support for version controlled deployment processes, and it means you can see your operations process in your Git repo next to your related application code or other operation files.

When Config as Code is enabled for a project, you can continue to use the Octopus UI as you always have, or you can edit the text files in your favorite editor.

Computer screen with a command line and Octopus Deploy logo

Octopus CLI vNext

We’re building the next generation of the Octopus CLI with the goal to provide an amazing DevOps experience out-of-the-box. Our new tooling provides an easy to use interactive mode as well as support to automate everything.