Configuring Netscaler

The following script shows how to configure a Netscaler load balancer for use with an Octopus High Availability instance.

add server octopus-node1_SVR
add server octopus-node2_SVR

#Service Group
add serviceGroup octopusdeploy_GRP HTTP
bind serviceGroup octopusdeploy_GRP octopus-node1_SVR 80
bind serviceGroup octopusdeploy_GRP octopus-node2_SVR 80
bind serviceGroup octopusdeploy_GRP -monitorName ping

add lb vserver octopusdeploy_LB HTTP 0
bind lb vserver octopusdeploy_LB octopusdeploy_GRP

add cs vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTP HTTP 80 -cltTimeout 180 -Listenpolicy None
bind cs vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTP -lbvserver ssl-only-redirect_LB

add cs vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTPS SSL 443 -cltTimeout 180 -Listenpolicy None
bind cs vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTPS -lbvserver octopusdeploy_LB

#Cipher and Cert Bindings
bind ssl vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTPS -cipherName DEFAULT_HA_CIPHERS
bind ssl vserver octopusdeploy_CS_HTTPS -certkeyName

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023