Community edition

The Community edition of Octopus is for individuals making personal projects or open source software. It’s free to self-host using Octopus Server, and we have a low-cost Cloud Community plan that is $10 USD per month.

This page outlines the limits for the Community edition of Octopus, and how to switch to a community license via the Octopus Control Center.

Server Community

With Octopus Server Community, you host it on your own infrastructure, for free. The license is available 12-months from when you register. This period can be extended by 12-months at no cost at any time.

Server Community limits

Octopus Server Community has limits that apply:

How to switch to Community Server

From the Octopus Control Center dashboard, navigate to Server Licenses ➜ View, select your Server license and on the Overview pane under the serial select Change license.

This will take you to the Manage your licenses page. Here you can switch to a Community Server license by clicking on Change to Community.

Lastly, you’ll be shown a preview screen where you can review the changes. Once you’re happy, click the Agree, change license button to complete your switch to the Community edition.

Cloud Community

With Octopus Cloud, we host Octopus on your behalf. Our team takes care of managing the service, ensuring it is backed up and has the latest patches and features. We have a low-cost Cloud Community plan that is $10 USD per month.

Cloud Community limits

The Octopus Cloud Community plan has limits that apply.

Instance limits:

  • Deploy to 5 targets
  • Limit of 5 users
  • Limit of 5 projects
  • Limit of 20 worker hours per month
  • Community Slack

Storage limits:

  • Maximum File Storage for artifacts, task logs, packages, package cache, and event exports is limited to 20 GB.
  • Maximum Database Size for configuration data (e.g. projects, deployment processes and inline scripts) is limited to 5 GB.
  • Maximum size for any single package is 5 GB.
  • Retention policies can be configured up to a maximum of 30 Days.

How to switch to Community Cloud

From the Octopus Control Center dashboard, navigate to Cloud Instances ➜ View, select your instance and click on the Finance pane. Once there, click on the Change Plan button, and you’ll be presented with an option at the bottom of the page. To complete the switch to Community Cloud, click on the Switch to community plan link.

Restricted permissions

The community edition of Octopus runs in a restricted permissions mode. This means that all users within the instance are granted system-wide administrator-level permissions. While Users and Teams can still be configured, any changes to these settings will be ignored.

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Page updated on Friday, November 24, 2023