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Building a Forms based Authentication Provider

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All Forms based providers share the Username/Password/Remember Me UI shipping with the Octopus Deploy UI.  To participate as a Forms based authentication provider you must:

  • Host an API endpoint that:
    • expects a Http POST of a LoginCommand object.
    • returns a JSON representation of an IUser and a cookie, as returned by a call to IAuthCookieCreator.CreateAuthCookie.
  • Implement the IAuthenticationProvider interface and have:
    • GetAuthenticationProviderElement return an element with:
      • a Name.
      • FormsLoginEnabled = true.
      • Links containing path to the API from above.
    • GetAuthenticationUrls return the same API url (which is used to whitelisting APIs when in MaintenanceMode etc).
  • Implement whatever configuration storage you require.

The Octopus Deploy UsernamePasswordAuthenticaionProvider on GitHub provides a good reference point.

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