Octo Command Line Global Tool

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Microsoft introduced the ability to install tools using the .NET Core CLI called Global Tools. This enables octo to be conveniently installed onto machine or build agent as long as you have the .NET Core 2.1.300 SDK available.

Specific Location

A local installation can be done into a specified location using the --tool-path parameter.

dotnet tool install Octopus.DotNet.Cli --tool-path /path/for/tool --version <version>

This will install Octo into the specified location and generate a platform specific executable called dotnet-octo into the specified location. In order to enable dotnet to be able to find your custom tool location, you will need to add the tool location to the current environment path.


$env:PATH = "your\tool\folder;" + $env:PATH


export PATH="$PATH:/your/tool/folder"

Once the tool folder is in the path you can run octo commands using dotnet such as dotnet octo pack

User Installation

In order to install Octo for the current user you can do so by installing the tool globally using --global flag.

dotnet tool install Octopus.DotNet.Cli --global --version 4.39.1

You may also omit the --version parameter to install the latest version of the tools.


In order to update to the latest version of the tool you can use the dotnet update command

dotnet tool update Octopus.DotNet.Cli --global

If you would like to update to a specific version or downgrade to an older version you can do so by first uninstalling the tool and installing it again.

dotnet tool uninstall Octopus.DotNet.Cli --global
dotnet tool install Octopus.DotNet.Cli --global --version <version>