Octopus.Migrator.exe Command Line

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Octopus.Migrator.exe is a command line tool that provides the ability to back-up and restore parts of an Octopus Deploy instance as well as migrate data from Octopus 2.6 builds.

The latest version is available in the Octopus Deploy installation directory from version 3.0 onward, usually located in C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy.


Octopus.Migrator.exe supports the following commands:

  • migrate: Imports data from an Octopus 2.6 backup
  • import: Imports data from an Octopus 3.0+ export directory. Learn more
  • export: Exports all configuration data to a directory. Learn more
  • partial-export: Exports configuration data to a directory filtered by a single project. Learn more

General Usage

All commands take the form of:

Octopus.Migrator <command> [<options>]

You can see a list of commands using:

Octopus.Migrator help

And you can get help for a specific command using:

Octopus.Migrator help <command>

Arguments are not case sensitive and can take the following forms:

--project OctoFX                # Space between argument name and value
--project=OctoFX                # Equal sign between argument name and value
--project "OctoFX Web Site"     # Argument values with spaces need to be quoted
"--project=OctoFX Web Site"     # If using equals, quote both the name and value, not just the value

All commands assume that you are running on the server where the Octopus Deploy Server is installed which has access to the relevant database.

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