Tentacle.exe Command Line

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Tentacle.exe is the executable that runs the Octopus Tentacle instance. It includes several helpful commands that allow you to manage the instance some of which are built on top of the Octopus Deploy HTTP API.


Tentacle.exe supports the following commands:

  • configure: Sets Tentacle settings such as the port number and thumbprints
  • create-instance: Registers a new instance of the Tentacle service
  • delete-instance: Deletes an instance of the Tentacle service
  • deregister-from: Deregisters this machine from an Octopus Server
  • import-certificate: Replace the certificate that Tentacle uses to authenticate itself
  • new-certificate: Creates and installs a new certificate for this Tentacle
  • polling-proxy:  Configure the HTTP proxy used by Polling Tentacles to reach the Octopus Server
  • poll-server: Configures an Octopus Server that this Tentacle will poll
  • proxy: Configure the HTTP proxy used by Octopus
  • register-with: Registers this machine with an Octopus Server
  • server-comms: Configure how the Tentacle communicates with an Octopus Server
  • service: Start, stop, install and configure the Tentacle service
  • show-configuration:  Outputs the Tentacle configuration (3.17+)
  • show-thumbprint: Show the thumbprint of this Tentacle's certificate
  • list-instances: list all installed Tentacle instances (3.12+)

General Usage

All commands take the form of:

Tentacle <command> [<options>]

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