Register Worker

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Registers this machine as a Worker with an Octopus Server

Register with options

Usage: tentacle register-worker [<options>]

Where [<options>] is any of:

      --instance=VALUE       Name of the instance to use
      --server=VALUE         The Octopus Server - e.g., 'http://octopus'
      --apiKey=VALUE         Your API key; you can get this from the Octopus
                               web portal
  -u, --username=VALUE       If not using API keys, your username
  -p, --password=VALUE       If not using API keys, your password
      --name=VALUE           Name of the machine when registered; the default
                               is the hostname
      --policy=VALUE         The name of a machine policy that applies to
                               this machine
  -h, --publicHostName=VALUE An Octopus-accessible DNS name/IP address for
                               this machine; the default is the hostname
  -f, --force                Allow overwriting of existing machines
      --comms-style=VALUE    The communication style to use - either
                               TentacleActive or TentaclePassive; the default
                               is TentaclePassive
      --proxy=VALUE          When using passive communication, the name of a
                               proxy that Octopus should connect to the
                               Tentacle through - e.g., 'Proxy ABC' where the
                               proxy name is already configured in Octopus; the
                               default is to connect to the machine directly
                             When using active communication, the comms port
                               on the Octopus Server; the default is 10943
                             When using active communication over websockets,
                               the address of the Octopus Server, eg
                               'wss://'. Refer to
                             When using passive communication, the comms port
                               that the Octopus Server is instructed to call
                               back on to reach this machine; defaults to the
                               configured listening port
      --workerpool=VALUE     The worker pool name to add the machine to - e.-
                               g., 'Windows Pool'; specify this argument
                               multiple times to add to multiple pools

Or one of the common options:

      --help                 Show detailed help for this command