Running Azure PowerShell

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When executing PowerShell against Azure, Octopus Deploy will automatically import the Azure PowerShell modules and authenticate with Azure using the configured Azure Account.

This applies to:

Choosing the right Azure Account type
Azure supports two authentication methods, each of which provides access to a different set of Azure APIs:

Learn more about configuring the right Azure Account.

Run an Azure PowerShell Script Step

Octopus Deploy provides a Run an Azure PowerShell Script step type, for executing PowerShell in the context of an Azure Subscription. For information about adding a step to the deployment process, see the add step section.

Bring your own Azure PowerShell cmdlets
Octopus Deploy ships with a version of the Azure PowerShell cmdlets so you can deploy applications as soon as you install Octopus Deploy. Microsoft Azure is changing very quickly, introducing more application services and PowerShell cmdlets frequently. You can use the built-in cmdlets if they cover everything you need, or you can configure Octopus Deploy to use your own custom version of the Azure PowerShell cmdlets.

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