Library Variable Sets

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Octopus variables can be added to library variables sets, which make it possible to define variables for use with multiple projects.

This can be useful if you have the same variables that are used across multiple projects. Instead of defining the variables for each project, you can define a set of variables in the Library Variable Set and then access them from every project that needs them.

Creating a Library Variable Set

  1. Navigate to Library ➜ Variable Sets and click ADD NEW VARIABLE SET.
  2. Give the variable set a name, a description, and click SAVE.
  3. Define the variables. As with project variables, library variables can be scoped to environment, deployment target, or target roles.
  4. Save the variable set by clicking SAVE.

Adding the Library Variable Set to a Project

  1. Navigate to your project by selecting the Project from the navigation menu and then clicking your project.
  2. Click Variables ➜ Library Sets.
  4. Search for the Library Variable Set you'd like to include, click the checkbox and SAVE.

Viewing the Library Variable Set

If you want to review the Library Variable Set you've created, from the Project Overview page you can navigate to Variables ➜ Library Sets.

If you want to review the Project variables and the Library Variable Set, from the Project Overview you can navigate to Variables ➜ All.