Prompted variables

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Sometimes you may not want to store the value of a variable inside Octopus (though Octopus does store variables securely), or the value of the variable may change for each deployment.

Octopus can handle this using Prompted variables.

Defining a prompted variable

You can configure a variable to be prompted when editing the variable:

When defining a prompted variable, you can provide a friendly name and description, and specify if the value is required. A required variable must be supplied when the deployment is created and must not be empty or white space.

Prompted variables will appear with an icon next to the value:

Providing a value for the variable

When deploying (not creating a release), you'll be prompted to provide a value for the variable:

A value can also be passed to a prompted variable when using Octo.exe through the --variable parameter of the Create-Release or Deploy-Release commands

octo.exe create-release ... --variable "Missile launch code:LAUNCH123" --variable "Variable 2:Some value"

Prompted variables can be combined with sensitive variables. They will appear with a password box when creating the deployment.