Glob Pattern Cheat Sheet

Patterns are always relative so start them with a file or folder name. eg: my/folder/*.yml and **/dep.yml.

Directory separators should be forward slashes / for all platforms. Backslashes \ only work when the server and worker are running on Windows.

Glob patterns cannot contain folders stemming from a root directory. eg: / and C:\

Glob patterns cannot start with a relative path indicator. eg: ./ and .\

The directory traversal path ../ is not supported.

? matches any single character in a file or directory name:

deployments/resource-?.yaml => deployments/resource-1.yaml, deployments/resource-g.yaml

* matches zero or more characters in a file or directory name:

deployments/*.yaml => deployments/anything-here.yaml, deployments/123-another-file.yaml
*/resource.yaml => deployments/resource.yaml, services/resource.yaml

** matches zero or more recursive directories:

**/resource.yaml => deployments/resource.yaml, services/resource.yaml, deployments/child-folder/resource.yaml

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023