Server-Side Apply

Server-Side Apply (SSA) is an opt-in Kubernetes mechanism that improves the configuration management of the kubectl apply command by tracking field ownership directly on the Kubernetes server. SSA allows multiple appliers to manage the fields of a single Kubernetes object without accidentally overwriting each other’s intentions.

Octopus supports Server-Side Apply for the following steps:

  • Deploy Kubernetes YAML
  • Deploy with Kustomize
  • Configure and apply Kubernetes resources
  • Configure and apply a Kubernetes ConfigMap
  • Configure and apply a Kubernetes Service
  • Configure and apply a Kubernetes Ingress
  • Configure and apply a Kubernetes Secret

You can find the settings under the Additional Configuration Options section of the step in the process editor.

Server-Side Apply configuration options

When using SSA, there is a risk of conflicts blocking deployments. These can be dealt with manually or ignored with the --force-conflicts flag. Turn this option off if you need conflict errors to propagate back and prefer to deal with them manually.

Running kubectl apply with SSA is the recommended way to apply your Kubernetes configuration. As such, all new Kubernetes steps you create have it enabled by default.

To minimize disruptions to your current workflows, Octopus won’t enable SSA for any steps you created before Octopus 2024.2. You can still use SSA by manually enabling the option for these steps.

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Page updated on Wednesday, April 24, 2024