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Define your deployment process

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Octopus deploys your software by following the deployment process you define. A deployment process consists of a series of steps (or actions) and any variables you have defined.

A Hello world deployment process

To define a simple deployment process in the Octopus Web Portal that executes a hello world script on the Octopus Server, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab.
  2. Select ADD PROJECT.
  3. Name the project, for instance, Hello world, and click SAVE.
  5. Choose the type of step you'd like to add to filter the available steps: Script.
  6. Click the Run a Script tile.
  7. In the process editor, give the step a name, for instance, Run Hello world script.
  8. In the execution location section, click Run on the Octopus Server.
  9. In the script section, paste the following PowerShell script into the Inline Source Code editor:
Write-Host "Hello, World!"

  1. Click SAVE.

You now have a simple hello world deployment process.

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