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Package your software

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Deploying software with Octopus Deploy often involves packaging your software into a supported package format and making it available from a package feed.

The following is a sample package that could be deployed with Octopus Deploy:


Packages must have the following attributes:

  • Package ID. i.e., hello-world.
  • Version number, i.e., 1.0.0.
  • Package format, i.e., .zip.

To learn more about supported formats, versioning, and packaging applications, refer to the packaging documentation.

Package repository

After your software has been packaged it must be available to Octopus in a package repository.

You can manually upload your package to the Octopus built-in repository in the Octopus Web Portal

  1. Navigating to the Library tab.
  3. Select the package you want to upload and click UPLOAD.

The package is now available in the built-in repository and is ready to be deployed. We recommend your configure your build server to automatically package your software and make it available in a package repository for Octopus to consume.

To learn more about packaging applications, build server integrations, and package repositories, refer to the packaging applications documentation.

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