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Create a release

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A release is a snapshot of the deployment process and the associated assets (packages, scripts, variables) as they existed when the release was created. The release is given a version number, and you can deploy that release as many times as you need to, even if parts of the deployment process have changed since the release was created (those changes will be included in future releases but not in this version).

When you deploy the release, you are executing the deployment process with all the associated details, as they existed when the release was created.

Create a release

  1. With your deployment process defined, you can create a release on the project's Overview page, by clicking CREATE RELEASE.

Create release

  1. Depending on the type of steps you configured in the deployment process, there could be additional options available, for instance, if you're using a step to deploy a package, there will be a package section where you can specify which version of the package to use in the release.
  2. Give the release a version number, add any release notes you'd like to include, and click SAVE.

To learn more about managing your releases, see the managing releases documentation.

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