There are two different deployment targets for deploying to Kubernetes using Octopus Deploy, the Kubernetes Agent and the Kubernetes API targets.

The following table summarizes the key differences between the two targets.

Kubernetes AgentKubernetes API
Connection methodPolling agent in clusterDirect API communication
Setup complexityGenerally simplerRequires more setup
SecurityNo need to configure firewall
No need to provide external access to cluster
Depends on the cluster configuration
Requires workersNoYes
Requires public IPNoYes
Requires service account in OctopusNoYes
Limit deployments to a namespaceYesNo
Planned support for upcoming observability featuresYesNo
Recommended usage scenario
  • For deployments and maintenance tasks (runbooks) on Kubernetes
  • If you want to run a worker on Kubernetes (to deploy to other targets)
If you cannot install an agent on a cluster
Step configurationSimple (you need to specify target tag)More complex (requires target tags, workers, execution container images)
  • Upgradeable via Octopus Server
  • No need to add and manage
  • You need to update/rotate credentials
  • Requires worker maintenance updates

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Page updated on Wednesday, April 24, 2024