This page will help you diagnose and solve issues with the Kubernetes agent.

Installation Issues

Helm command fails with context deadline exceeded

The generated helm commands use the --atomic flag, which automatically rollbacks the changes if it fails to execute within a specified timeout (default 5 min).

If the helm command fails, then it may print an error message containing context deadline exceeded This indicates that the timeout was exceeded and the Kubernetes resources did not correctly start.

To help diagnose these issues, the kubectl command describe can be used while the helm command is executing to help debug any issues.

NFS install command

kubectl describe pods -l -n kube-system

Agent install command

kubectl describe pods -l -n [NAMESPACE]

Replace [NAMESPACE] with the namespace in the agent installation command

Script Execution Issues

Unexpected Script Pod log line number, expected: expected-line-no, actual: actual-line-no

This error indicates that the logs from the script pods are incomplete or malformed.

When scripts are executed, any outputs or logs are stored in the script pod’s container logs. The Tentacle pod then reads from the container logs to feed back to Octopus Server.

There’s a limit to the size of logs kept before they are rotated out. If a particular log line is rotated before Octopus Server reads it, then it means log lines are missing - hence we fail the deployment prevent unexpected changes from being hidden.

The Script Pod 'octopus-script-xyz' could not be found

This error indicates that the script pods were deleted unexpectedly - typically being evicted/terminated by Kubernetes.

If you are using the default NFS storage however, then the script pod would be deleted if the NFS server pod is restarted. Some possible causes are:

  • being evicted due to exceeding its storage quota
  • being moved or restarted as part of routine cluster operation

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Page updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024