Self-Contained Calamari

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Self-contained Calamari support was added in Octopus 3.16.

SSH Targets can be configured to use a self-contained build of Calamari. This means neither Mono nor .NET Core needs to be installed on the target server (there are still some pre-requisite dependencies).

Self-contained Calamari is built as a .NET Core self-contained distributable.

Supported Distros

A list of the distros supported by .NET Core 2.0 can be found on the .NET Core road-map.


.NET Core has some dependencies which must be installed on the target server.


ScriptCS and F# Scripts

ScriptCS and F# scripts can not execute when using a self-contained Calamari build.

ScriptCS has not been ported for .NET Core (GitHub issue).

Similarly, the F# interpreter has also not yet been ported for .NET Core (GitHub issue).