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Diagnosing Tentacle VM Extension Issues

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Diagnosing Issues

If, for some reason, the machine fails to register after 20 minutes, you can access logs on the VM to determine what went wrong.

  1. Use the connect button on the VM to set up a remote desktop connection.

    Connecting to a VM via RDP

    For more information, see How to Log on to a Virtual Machine.

  2. In the remote desktop session, open Windows Explorer, and browse toΒ C:\WindowsAzure\Logs\Plugins\OctopusDeploy.Tentacle.OctopusDeployWindowsTentacle\ and into the versioned folder below that.

  3. In this folder, you'll find a number of text files. Open these to view the output of the commands, and look for any error messages.

    Windows Explorer - logs folder

The OctopusAzureVmExtension* file is usually the best place to look. If there are no error messages or you are unable to troubleshoot the problem, please send a copy of these log files, a copy of the files from C:\Packages\Plugins\OctopusDeploy.Tentacle.OctopusDeployWindowsTentacle and a description of how the VM was configured to our support team, and we'll be happy to help!

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