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The latest Octopus Deploy MSI can always be downloaded from the Octopus Deploy downloads page. You can also download any previous releases from our archive.

If you are writing a script or utility to automatically download the latest version of one of our products, you can use the following permanent links.

Read more about long-term support, fast lanes, and slow lanes in this blog post.

Long-term Support Octopus Server (Slow lane)

The latest long-term support version of Octopus Deploy:

Fast Lane Octopus Server

The latest version of Octopus Deploy with the latest features:

Tentacle 3.24.0

If you're using the Octopus 2018.10-LTS or prior versions you need Tentacle 3.24.0:

Tentacle 4.0.0

If you're using Spaces or Octopus 2019.1 or above you need Tentacle 4.0.0:

Command-line Tools

TeamCity Plugin


Continue with the Octopus installation.