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Octopus as a Container

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Octopus Server and Octopus Tentacle Docker containers are published and are now being made available for each release on DockerHub. Running Octopus from inside a container lets you avoid installing Octopus directly on top of your infrastructure and makes getting up and running with Octopus as simple as a one line command.

These documents assume some familiarity with Docker and containers and don't dive into all the details about using Docker and running containers. Read the Docker docs for more in-depth and up to date information.

Container image OS/Architecture

  • For Octopus Server, we publish a linux/amd64 image.
  • For Octopus Tentacle, we publish both windows/amd64 and linux/amd64 images.

The images for both are available from DockerHub.

We have deprecated Windows Docker images for Octopus Server and Octopus CLI as customer uptake was low and Microsoft no longer supports the OS versions we were publishing (Windows 1809, 1903, and 1909).

Customers are encouraged to use the Linux Docker image instead. Existing Windows images for Octopus Server and Octopus CLI will remain available from our Docker Hub repository, but those tagged as latest will no longer work on Windows. See our documentation for a guide to Migrate to an Octopus Server Linux Container from a Windows Container.

Octopus CLI is available as an exe, a .NET Core global tool, or via chocolatey. Please refer to our downloads page.

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