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Octopus Deploy Server

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The Octopus Deploy server is the deployment automation server that orchestrates your releases and deploys your software.

Octopus Dashboard

You can use the Octopus REST API or the Octopus Web Portal to manage the process of deploying your software, connect to the servers, services, and accounts where your software will be deployed, and to use runbooks to automate routine maintenance and emergency operations tasks like infrastructure provisioning, database management, and website failover and restoration.

The Octopus Deploy server can be installed in a self-hosted environment or accessed through the managed Octopus Cloud service.

When you self-host the Octopus Deploy server, you need to install and maintain the server, however, if you are an Octopus Cloud customer, we manage the Octopus server for you, ensuring you have early access to all the latest features.

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