Package ID

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The combination of package ID and version number uniquely identify a package.

Package identifiers in Octopus follow similar rules to NuGet.

They must conform to the following specification:

  • Package IDs consist of one or more segments separated by one of the following separator characters: - . _.

  • Segments contain only alphanumeric characters.

  • Must be unique within your Octopus Deploy instance.

Additionally, avoid using numbers in your package ID. This is because the package ID and version number will be combined like so:


For instance:


Including numbers in the package ID will result in the version being incorrectly parsed.

Best Practice

We recommend naming your packages similar to namespaces in .NET. i.e. Pascal-cased and dot-separated.

Recommended examples include:

  • Acme
  • Acme.Billing.Web

The following examples are also valid:

  • acme
  • acme-billing.web
  • Acme_Billing.Web

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