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Restart service on Ubuntu

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Using a runbook in Octopus can provide a self-service mechanism for developers to restart a service on Ubuntu without having to track down a server administrator.

Create the runbook

  1. To create a runbook, navigate to Project ➜ Operations ➜ Runbooks ➜ Add Runbook.
  2. Give the Runbook a name and click SAVE.
  4. Add a new step template from the community library called Linux Service - Start, Stop, Restart.
  5. Fill out all the parameters in the step. We recommend using variables rather than entering the values directly in the step parameters, for instance:
Parameter Description Example
Service Name Name of the service to start (case sensitive) wildfly
Action Start, Stop, Restart Restart
Sleep in seconds Length of time in seconds to wait for the service to start 5 (default)

Use variables where possible so you can assign scopes to values. This will ensure that things like service name are correct for the environment you're executing the runbook on.

After adding all of the required parameters, click Save, and you have a basic runbook to restart a service on Ubuntu. You can also add additional steps to add security to your runbooks, such as a manual intervention step for business approvals.


We have a Target - Wildfly Space on our Samples instance of Octopus. You can sign in as Guest to take a look at this example and more runbooks in the PetClinic project.

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