Creating new infrastructure

In this section, we need to add our infrastructure and associate it with our tenants. All external customers have a production environment, with some having the optional staging environment. We only need to add a deployment target for each environment our tenant (customer) deploys to. Since our application is hosted on Azure Web Apps, we need to add an Azure Web App deployment target.

To add a new Azure Web Target, go to Infrastructure ➜ Deployment Targets and click ADD DEPLOYMENT TARGET.

Next, go to Azure ➜ Azure Web App and click ADD. Then, add a Display Name, Environment and Target Role.

Choose the Azure Account, Azure Web App and optionally Azure Web App Slot and Worker Pool.

Lastly associate the deployment target with a tenant.

Repeat these steps for the rest of your deployment targets and tenants.

In the next step, we’ll create the deployment process needed for this scenario.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023